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Death Doula, Educator, Graphic Designer, Aspiring Hospice Chaplain, and Writer (Yes, I wear a LOT of hats!)

Hey! I'm Niki, and it's great to meet you! 

After earning my BFA in design and spending several years immersed in the advertising industry, I fell in love with death work and all the lessons it offers. I became a death doula through the University of Vermont and went on to study thanatology at The Open Center in New York. I’m halfway through a master’s degree in theology and hospice chaplaincy. I was also a hospice volunteer prior to the pandemic, which solidified my decision to move into this field.

One of the driving forces propelling this project stems from my own end-of-life experiences. During my family’s first significant loss, we encountered many situations for which we were not prepared. Certainly, general society didn’t initiate these conversations, nor provide resources that would allow for a somewhat-informed encounter with dying. Later, I noticed this pattern being repeated among friends, who were as lost as I was.

Ultimately, this is what prompted me to dive into death work. It’s my ardent hope and prayer that Numbered Days increases death-literacy and normalizes conversations around death and dying.

Several months ago, I moved across the country to Utah, where I am in the slow process of building a new life for myself. This process teaches me every day what it means to live a life with intention. I’m looking forward to helping you do the same!

Death Work Education/Experience

Assorted Fun facts

  • Moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland to the Appalachian Trail (!!!) back to Maryland and then to Utah!

  • Spent three months hiking a little less than half the Trail: 900 miles from West Virginia to Maine (which taught me, in a raw and visceral way, the joy of little things, and what Living can truly be like)
    • (Can you tell I love hiking?)
  • Just began the process of teaching horseback riding/art classes with Bridle Up Hope, an organization that teaches life skills to girls and women 
  • Recently fell in love with indoor rock climbing
  • Volunteer at my local animal shelter
  • Awaiting acceptance into the Dying Well Initiative in an advisory role
  • Working on a number of creative projects, including a book on increasing fulfillment and meaning by viewing life through a lens of mortality
  • Probably dabbling in classical guitar, when I’m not ranting about death work
  • Lover of cats and tea – basically a grandma

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