Death Worker Websites

Take the overwhelm out of growing your death doula practice online with an elegant, affordable website so you can attract your ideal clients and serve your community. Built for death workers, by a death worker.

Highlight your death doula services and concisely explain a doula's role.

In our death-phobic society, no one knows what a death doula is, let alone how you can help. Inform your community and share your offerings on your very own website.

Be recognized as a death work expert with a professional online presence.

Even if you come highly recommended, people will still research you online. And if they can’t find you, or your website is janky, they won’t think you’re legit. 

Get clear on your offerings and confidently communicate with your ideal clients.

Even if you don’t know exactly what to say – or how – I’ll help you with crafting your death work message that speaks to your community and brings in the inquiries.

Hard truth: it doesn't matter how skilled you are as a death doula if your clients can't find you online.

Or maybe you already know how crucial a website is to the success of your practice…but you’re too overwhelmed with all the steps to, actually, you know, build a website.

Instead of...

What if this were true instead?

A Death Worker Website helps get you discovered by your clients, get noticed, and make a difference as a death doula - all while you're having fun with your family, heading off to Pilates, or simply doing this thing called Living.

Niki was awesome to work with in helping me to redesign my website. She listened to my ideas and created my website better than I could’ve ever imagined or done myself. She was always available to meet and was very concise in her presentations as my website came together. Niki was enthusiastic and brought fresh ideas and excitement to her work, our time together, and to my website. She understood me and it shows in my website. I will always recommend Niki as a resource to others if they are looking to create their death/grief website.

I never want you to have to choose between putting food on your table, doing this oh-so-important deathwork, and investing in your practice. We death workers do not serve in this capacity to be excessively wealthy; we do this work because we are called.

Thus, my fees are crafted with an eye towards budget friendliness, setting my work apart from other web designers.

As a death worker, I'm right there with you. I know it's hard building a death doula practice from scratch.

You have to face the normal entrepreneurial hurdles of any budding small business, and the challenges that are unique to the field of death & dying: the stigma, the lack of information around what we do, and the enormous task of attempting to reshape the dialogue around death and mortality.

Been there, doing that. So trust me, I get it. And I’m here to help.

I create websites and branding for death doulas, death educators, grief workers and more so they can build their practices and serve more clients, increase awareness around the field of death midwifery, and provide crucial end-of-life education.

Fellow death doula: is this you?

Death Worker Websites give you your own beautifully curated space on the web to communicate confidently about your role, highlight your services, and reach your clients.

How would it feel to...

What Makes Me Different From Other Designers?​


I have an intimate knowledge of our shared field, making me an ideal choice to help build your practice. Because I can speak your language, I can craft content that does the same. This also has the added bonus of eliminating time I would normally have to spend conducting market research and learning your industry, resulting in a more streamlined, efficient experience.


This stuff is my bread n’ butter…I mean, it’s literally how I earn my keep! Yep, this is my full-time career, only I’ve decided to pivot by adding death workers to my scope of clients. With a BFA in design, I have worked on everything from business cards for small businesses and web projects for franchise chains, to floor-to-ceiling murals installed in college athletic facilities across the country.


I know death work is heart work; we aren’t looking to become billionaires. As such, I understand that resources may be tight. While most web designers charge upwards of $4,000 for the most basic website, my fees start at a little over a quarter of that price.


My not-so-secret hidden agenda is to increase awareness around the death & dying field as a whole. Creating more websites exclusively for this industry is one (of many!) ways I intend to contribute. The idea of filling my portfolio with pieces I crafted for the field of death work is so exciting! (And bonus: that portfolio would serve as quite an awesome networking tool/directory for other death workers!)

I serve you so you can serve others.

We're a good fit if you're a...







How it works


Click here to answer a few quick questions about your death doula practice so we can get to know each other.


After I receive your form, we will meet virtually to say “hi!”, to get to know each other, and discuss the answers in your form. This is your space to ask any nagging questions you have for me! I want you to feel comfortable to make this investment in your practice, and as my clients can tell you, I am transparent and happy to share my knowledge.

SIGN YOUR CONTRACT AND make your first payment.

Once we’ve decided to work together (hooray!!), I will send you your contract to sign, as well as your first invoice. This payment secures your space on my calendar. When I receive the payment, I get started on your project! Turnaround time for this phase is around 1-2 weeks, depending on my existing workload.

PHASE 1: COMPLETION, CALL TO REVIEW, and second payment.

I operate every website project in three distinct phases. The first phase commences immediately after receiving the initial payment and concludes after I provide you with your first round of design options and we discuss those options together via a Zoom meeting. (Optional: you can choose to opt out of these meetings if you wish, and provide your feedback instead via email. The live meetings are offered to you so you have intimate access to my time while we discuss your project)

At this point, I will provide you with several home page options (each with their own unique look) for you to choose from.

After this meeting, I will send your second invoice. Work on Phase 2 will not commence until I receive your second payment.


In Phase 2, we are refining the concepts and ideas presented in Phase 1. At this point, I am taking the look from the home page design that you chose and carrying it over to the rest of your web pages. 

The overall procedure described in Phase 1 remains the same.

PHASE 3: COMPLETION, CALL TO REVIEW, and fourth/final payment.

In Phase 3, we are finalizing the designs presented in Phase 2. At this point, the last of the website pages have been built out and we are going over last tweaks.

At the end of this phase, we will have a final call to discuss any further changes, and for you to ask any last questions. We can discuss future website services (if desired) and/or I can provide instructions on how to make routine edits to your website on your own.

The packages

Web essentials

1-3 pages (home page, contact, services)

Basic layouts, minimal custom graphics

2 rounds of revision

2 collaboration calls (not including introduction call)

This package is best if you: have minimal content, already have an established brand/logo, and/or just want a small website to replace your generic Facebook page.

Value: $4,000

Investment: $990 *

Web Premium

4-6 pages: (example: home, contact, about, services, FAQ, resources, etc.)

Premium layouts, custom graphics

Basic assistance with copywriting/editing (note, extensive copywriting/editing will increase fee)

3 rounds revision

3 collaboration calls (not including introduction call)

This package is best if you: already have a well-developed brand, if you have plenty of content to use, and/or you’re looking for a more robust website.

Value: $8,000-11,000

Investment: $1,350 *

*Quote is based on scope of services listed above: number of revisions, number of calls, etc. I reserve the right to increase the fees if the project exceeds the scope of services – ex: if we go back-and-forth five times for extra changes. I am already steeply lowering my typical agency rate because I believe so strongly in supporting other death workers; in return, I ask that you respect my time and my rates.

Please also note that none of the above includes the monthly fees of owning/operating a website. This is not a service I manage, but one I can facilitate for you, under your own name/login/billing details. This is standard for any website; I do NOT collect or keep those fees, they go straight to the web host/website name (domain) host. Don’t worry if this is confusing. I will thoroughly walk through this with you on our call.


Absolutely! This is called a website redesign. No matter how bare-bones or cluttered your existing website is, I can work with that. 

It depends. I find that the amount of work needed on my end is usually around the same (sometimes, even more) intensity as if I were building a website from scratch. This is because for both a fresh website and a website redesign, the same processes of creating the design look, concepts, and understanding your unique offerings as a death doula still apply.

In rare cases, a website will not need much work and can thus be offered at a price decrease, but this is the exception and not the rule.

Hosting is the space where your website actually exists on the Internet. It’s like the physical location of your house. And similar to your home, you have to pay a monthly rent to continue to maintain hosting for your website.

Domains are your actual website address. So,, for example. You also have to pay a monthly fee for this address.

The fees for hosting/domains go directly to the web hosting/domain providers, not me. So for instance, that would be GoDaddy, BlueHost, Squarespace, etc. I don’t keep any of it!

The actual cost depends on the company and whether or not they are running any promos. A typical cost is about $12/month, or $155/yr for hosting. Often, your domain will be included for free for the first year of your hosting. Domain costs can vary depending on the domain name itself.

This is always a bit of a tricky subject, especially when trying to tackle it in a FAQ page! If you have any concerns or want to discuss it further, you can always contact me, or we can chat through it on our first call.

I love your enthusiasm! In your inquiry form, you will be asked to provide a few days/times for us to schedule our first meeting.

Assuming you are quick with revisions and comments, and have availability to meet with me for all of the Phase Calls, I can have your website done in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Providing that you don’t need your website in like….7 days, then no, I don’t charge a rush fee. I want you to be satisfied and I’m willing to go the extra mile in order for you to get up and running ASAP.

I can! These projects are much more varied in their scope than websites, so these are quoted separately. Please contact me to discuss your project!

Of course! Once our work together has concluded, I will provide you with your login information (if I had to create the website/purchase the hosting for you). Or you can feel free to change your login credentials so I no longer have access to it. I do not ever hold clients’ websites hostage to “maintenance fees.” Once it’s done, it’s yours forever, no strings attached.

I can. It depends on how significant the edits are and how frequently they occur. If you want to reach out here and there and ask me to change a few sentences, no problem. If you anticipate having larger website service needs (ongoing edits, managing blogs, etc), we can discuss a maintenance plan.

No problem! I am happy to help you work out your thoughts and better articulate your offers. Since marketing is my day job, this is literally my bread and butter!

I’m well aware that I could price Death Worker Websites at 3x or 5x the cost, as most designers do.  So I understand why you might be casting some side-eye my way. You might justifiably be wondering if the end result is a shoddy, ugly product. That’s just not the case. And my clients can attest to this as well.

The reason I price these websites so low is because I believe in the work that we death doulas do so strongly. I want to help you offer this work to your own community, but I don’t want you to starve while doing this; being an entrepreneur is tough enough!

Plus, unlike other web designers, I can be efficient in a way they simply cannot. This is because I have the “inside scoop” into the death work field, since I’m also a death doula! Therefore, I don’t need to waste hours and hours researching the target market, learning the jargon, or trying to figure out what a death doula even…is (true story from a client who tried to work with a designer before me, by the way!!)

If you’ve read through everything I’ve written and made your way alllllll the way down here, then you already know you need a website - or a website refresh.

 We both know that death work is so sorely needed…and there are clients looking for someone like you right now and they’re searching the internet. Only, they can’t find you.

So it’s time to ask yourself the question: am I truly giving my potential community every opportunity to discover this death work? Am I professionally showcasing my offerings and making it easy for clients to comprehend what the heck a death doula even does? Am I answering their questions and giving them the confidence needed to hire you at this crucial time of end-of-life?

Are you ready to commit to your death doula practice?