Resources for Death workers

C’mon in for some light reading, or form-fillin’…whatever floats your boat, really. It’s all here.

This list is living and breathing – it’s constantly being updated as I discover new gems. It’s a collection of bits and bobs of death and life knowledge that I’ve located online.

Big disclaimer!! I do NOT claim to author anything on this page. If it’s an offering I’ve created, you’ll know (trust me, you’ll know!), and it most likely will live somewhere else on this site.


Understanding the Dying Process

This is a must-read for anyone walking through the process of an impending death. Or, ya’ know, read it anyway because it’s really educational.

Find Advance Care Directive Forms by State

Browse for your state and review the documents for advance care directives.

Advance Care Directive for Dementia

Scroll about halfway down for the link.

Hospice Patients’ Rights

Learn about the rights of all hospice patients.

Death, Life, Scarcity, and Value

A fascinating read on the paradox of how our limited nature makes our lives precious. (*Hint, a lot of my work is derived from this principle!!)

At The Ready: How End-of-Life Doulas Can Support Hospices

If you want to do a deep dive into the role of a doula, check out this article.

Resources for Mental Health: To Write Love On Her Arms

Whether you’re in need of immediate or long-term support, check out the TWLOHA directory to browse online and in-person offerings.

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